Phase III

Price includes:


Irrigation Water

 Water & Sewer

Natural Gas & Power

Fiber & Cable


24 Lots

Ready for Building 2021


 StoneGate   Village  West

Active   Adult   Living 


Price includes:


Irrigation Water

 Water & Sewer

Natural Gas & Power

Fiber & Cable


 StoneGate Village East
Family Living 

Heading 1

Price includes:


Irrigation Water

 Water & Sewer

Natural Gas & Power

Fiber & Cable


Picture This

Welcome to StoneGate Meadows-CobbleStone Lane
Views of StoneGate
1st of July StoneGate Parade
Summer in StoneGate
StoneGate Sod Party
Rainbow over StoneGate
StoneGate in Winter
Winter frost in StoneGate
StoneGate - Let it Snow
Sunset over Stonegate
StoneGate Phase 3
Town of Raymond
Historic Raymond Sugar Factory
Hell's Creek Golf Course
Hell's Creek Golf Course
Hell's Creek Outdoor Arena
Aquatic Centre
Aquatic Centre
Broadway Theatre & Community Centre
Broadway Theatre
Raymond Public Library
Victoria Sports Park
Beach Volleyball at Victoria Sport's Park
Tennis Courts
Centennial Park
Town of Raymond-Stampede Grounds
Perrett Park & Campground
Temple Hill Motorcycle Park
Raymond Ice Arena
Raymond Pioneer Museum

Life  in  StoneGate
 "what the   people    say..."

"Everybody Loves Raymond"



TOP 3:

"Great sense of community. There is always someone around who is willing to help you out when you are in need. Amazing facilities and a town council."

"Lovely, caring, generous neighbours, friends, business owners and community members. I am very fortunate to have met amazing people in Raymond."

"Close proximity to Lethbridge, great quality of life, slower pace and peaceful, and community overall is friendly and willing to serve their neighbor/one another."

"The sports facilities/programs, the commitment/attitude toward excellence, and the friendly people, willing to help others"

"Supportive community, small town feel with proximity to bigger amenities, real estate prices."

"Large lots, feeling of a safe community, great sports facilities and opportunities for kids"

"Raymond has some of the best doctors I have ever encountered. Reasonable wait times for appointments and caring one-on-one treatment plans are a bonus. Then, there are the dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, the workout gym, all within walking distance..."

"Water is the driving force of all nature"

Leonardo da Vinci



 "I love the Elm trees that line the road. It’s great that each home has at least a couple trees!"

"We love our grass, trees, bushes and especially our large prosperous garden."

"Nothing beats having un-metered, readily available water. If you compare the landscaping in Stonegate to the rest of the town, you will see a marked difference. Green lawns are inspiring."

"We love our open yard with all our grass and trees. Because of this option I receive compliments weekly on the beauty of our lush greenery and they love the area because of this."

"Really takes a lot of stress off my landscaping and maintenance worries... Also saves me a lot in the water bill !"

"My mom wants to move out here just for that option!"

"It is a huge benefit. Lots of green grass and trees. Park-like feel."

"100% love the feature and everyone has great yards;

love seeing that !"

"Tons of vegetable garden space and fruit trees."

"I love that we have that water!!!!"

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."

Henry David Thoreau


"Best community we have ever lived in and continues to get better!"

"1)It's a short drive to everything - lessons, church, grocery store, etc.

2)You can walk to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

3) You get a huge yard."

"Great views of the golf course, spectacular sun sets, lightning and thunder storms, easy access to plenty of services downtown, new walking path, and golfing within walking distance"

"Awesome people, lots of space, “out of town but still in town” feel"

1. Great neighbors

2. Fabulous views.

3. Proximity to Church

"Beautiful homes. Well kept landscapes/yards. Large yards."

"Neighbors, golf course and laid back lifestyle"

"The view of the trees on the golf course, being able to sled and go skating, walking on the golf course, the canal road or to Perrett Park playground.

Ample space between neighboring homes"

"Peaceful, houses are not closed in, the overall feel/view/landscaping and people are friendly"

"Decent sized lots. Wonderful neighbours and a safe environment."

"It’s a wonderful welcoming supportive community!! Everyone genuinely cares about each other and comes out in groves for service to their neighbors, like sod laying."

"I simply remember my favorite things..."

Oscar Hammerstein II


  1. bus pick up for students

  2. bordering a beautiful golf course

  3. wide open views in every direction

"Custom homes, not all cookie cutters"

"Living by this path has increased our relationships with many people. We wave at one another and several have stopped by on foot and bike to visit.  In the evening we like to sit and observe the many individuals and families using this path - it has greatly benefited our town."

"Country Residential lifestyle"

"Easy access to highway"

"God, family and community oriented with lots of green space and golf course"

  • the people in the neighborhood

  • large yards for your family/friends to gather and play

  • ample space between neighboring homes

  • room for pet(s) and hobbies

  • curb appeal

  • wide open views

  • endless array of landscaping possibilities

  • flat fee irrigation water

  • all of the above

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