Testimonial 10

“It’s a wonderful welcoming supportive community!! Everyone genuinely cares about each other and comes out in groves for service to their neighbors, like sod laying.”

Testimonial 9

“Best community we have ever lived in and continues to get better!”

Testimonial 8

“Great views of the golf course, spectacular sun sets, easy access to plenty of services downtown, new walking path, and golfing within walking distance”

Testimonial 7

“We love our open yard with all our grass and trees. Because of this option I receive compliments weekly on the beauty of our lush greenery and they love the area because of this.”

Testimonial 6

 “I love the Elm trees that line the road. It’s great that each home has at least a couple trees!”

Testimonial 5

“Nothing beats having un-metered, readily available water. If you compare the landscaping in Stonegate to the rest of the town, you will see a marked difference. Green lawns are inspiring.”

Testimonial 4

“The sports facilities/programs, the commitment/attitude toward excellence, and the friendly people, willing to help others”

Testimonial 3

“Raymond has some of the best doctors I have ever encountered. Reasonable wait times for appointments and caring one-on-one treatment plans are a bonus. Then, there are the dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, the workout gym, all within walking distance…”

Testimonial 2

“Lovely, caring, generous neighbours, friends, business owners and community members. I am very fortunate to have met amazing people in Raymond.”

Testimonial 1

“Living by this path has increased our relationships with many people. We wave at one another and several have stopped by to visit.  We like to sit and observe the many individuals and families using this path – it has greatly benefited our town.”